Easy Guideline for Creating Amazing Content

by Shannon Randol | @Shan_Rand

Looking for easy and quick (yet sophisticated) ways to create content for your small biz? I know that content calendar can look incredibly daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. So stop agonizing over it, starting today.

One of the best parts about having the Internet at the tips of your fingertips is you can access it, always. You just have to know where to look and that’s why I’ve created an easy guideline for creating amazing content on the fly.

If you don’t lose sleep over how to fill your business’ calendar this post isn’t for you, but if you wake up in the middle of the night fretting about how you’re going to get it done, scroll right on down and enjoy.

Step One: Ask yourself, “What do my fans want to see on my social media feed?” 

You must always remember to keep your target audience wants on the top of your pile before moving forward. If you’re not sure who your target audience is, do research. 

Step Two: “Is the content I’m sharing on my business page relevant to the company brand?”

For example: if I’m managing the social media feed for a car museum, would I want to share a trending political article bashing the president? 


No, definitely not, but if the political article was about a bill being passed about autonomous cars? Yes, if it fit with my target audience and brand. 

List of great websites waiting for you to explore for content:

  • Alltop.com – a compilation of all the top stories in any category from all over the world. Filter your interests and BAM, everything relevant e.v.e.r. is one mouse click away.
  • BuzzSumo.com – a site dedicated to analyzing what kind of content works in any topic or competitor. Type in any keyword relevant to your topic and visually be able to see what is working.
  • History.com – uh, what? You heard me right. Check out the side right side panel of ‘on this day in history,’ do any of the categories correlate with your business? Let’s stick with the car museum job, methinks you want to take advantage of the automotive history, no?
  • TimeandDate.com –  a list of wacky, fun and trivial holidays for each day of the year to help spark creative content. Anything from National Margarita Day to National Opposite Day is fair game.

Are you asking yourself, “but how can National Comic Book Day be beneficial, ever?!” Let me show you. 

According to time and date, National Comic Day is on May 6th. I did some double checking with other sites and May seems to be a big month dedicated to the industry, so I felt it was probably legit (didn’t want comic book experts to come after me if it was totally made up) (always be diligent about your resources). 

I work for a car museum, how in the world can I contribute to National Comic Book Day?


This particular car museum has dogs in its offices on a regular basis. So I turned one of them into a detective for the day to help find the museum’s missing mascot.


It took some time, but generated plenty of laughs and likes online–the number one compliment to anyone working in social media.

Plus, who doesn’t want to switch up the work load every once in awhile. 🙂

Follow these steps and guidelines provided and you’ll be filling out your content calendar quicker each  month.

If you have some wacky holiday content you’re proud of, share it below in the comment section. Let’s get those ideas moving and grooving!

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