3 Bona Fide Facebook Business Hacks You Want To Know

Facebook business pages and groups have sprung, sprang and sprouted. They’re everywhere. Are you terrified your page will get muffled by all the noise? These 3 bona fide Facebook business hacks will help you stand out in a sea full of online business.

Many other ‘How To’ articles will stress the importance about uniform information and profile pictures across social media accounts, understanding your target audience and writing down your goals.

This post won’t stress the big three, even though all of those factors are extremely important to set up for success, I want to focus on my three truths regarding company accounts and what has brought success to the profiles I manage.

  1. The 80/20 Rule

Yes, you want to promote your business and have it grow into a MONEY MAKING MACHINE, be successful in a career venture and become your own boss. But, it doesn’t happen over night and it sure as shoot doesn’t happen if you’re blasting your audience about how great your company is 80-percent of the time. So, keep this in mind:

 Only 20% of social media posts should be promotional and 80% should be brand conscious, fun and engaging, not “buy my stuff, you know you wanna!

You want your page to become the expert in its field so people come to you first to get their information.

For example: You’re a gym rat looking to take on clients for personal training and set up a Facebook account to spread the word about your services. Here is what your first week of posting should not look like:

Monday – “Summer is right around the corner and that means it’s AB SEASON!” Sign up for my ab-blaster course and get ready for the beach.”

Wednesday- “Have you signed up for my ab-blasting course to get ready for summer? Don’t be a beached whale, join me every week for results.”

Friday – “Did you know it’s AB SEASON?! Don’t miss out on beach time because your stomach is a little flabby. I’ll get you the results needed to rock out with your abs out.”

Who else got to the third mock post and wanted to wring my mouth (keyboard?) shut? I did. For the record, if you are a personal trainer looking for clients this wouldn’t be the way to word it. We all see how many posts a day giving quick fixes about health and fitness? Stand out in the crowd. 

Here is what your first (and second, third, fourth, fifth, for eternity) week of posting should look like:

Monday – “It’s Monday morning and I could use some motivation. Here is my quick and easy, healthy breakfast bar recipe that gets me motivated to hit the gym before work and ON A MONDAY. If you try it, let me know how it came out.”

Wednesday – “Summer is right around the corner and there are few ab work outs I enjoy doing, but this one has to be my fav. It gives me the most results and doesn’t make me want to puke. Sign up for my Summer Ab Blaster course and let me help you get ripped for the summer.” [Insert video of said non-puke inducing ab rep]

Friday – Post a video from a weight lifting competition where the guy fell over due to improper posture and explain the correct lift stance and why it’s important.

You’d probably follow that health page, right? It’s informational and promotes healthy living as well as, promotes their personal training services.

            2. Consistency

Make a posting schedule and stick with it. Don’t crap out after a month or willy nilly post whenever you remember. If you’re not credible online, you’re not credible enough to a potential client who wants to invest in your skill.

It’s recommended to post 3-5 times a week on Facebook, but figure out what works best for you. The numbers have changed over the last year and many companies post multiple times a day.

Monitor how well your posts are doing through the ‘Insight’ tab and post during your hottest times, but don’t be afraid to post at random hours to reach those who don’t follow Facebook’s algoriethium.

Marketing yourself through social media is work. It’s not easy. Make a schedule you know you can keep, and keep it.

          3. Promote

Don’t be shy. Blast your material on different platforms, in different groups and put yourself out there. Make relationships with like minded businesses if it makes sense.

For example, new to blogging? Check out Facebook Groups and join a blogging community you feel like you could mesh with, re-share other blogger’s content and share your material with the group.

Keep in mind there is plenty of business to go around, making a relationship with another entrepreneur in your field won’t be a nail in your business coffin. What if another personal trainer is booked up and can’t take on any new clients, wouldn’t you want them to recommend your services and visa-versa?

Cross link your business page on other personal accounts, websites, etc. If you’re keeping up a website, make sure to link back to relative articles you’ve previously written.

Still worried you’re not cut out for social media marketing? Take a tip for me:

I lacked confidence in myself when it came to publicly sharing my materials. I had to ask myself the question, “what’s the worst that could happen and what’s the best that could happen and could I live with both outcomes?” Yes. It’s better to have tried than to wonder what ‘could have’ happened. 

Reasons to Give to Charity Infographic-2

Now, my favorite rule in the entire bunch. Don’t open a zillion social media accounts with hopes the more profiles you have, the better your chances are of reaching customers. If you have six social media platforms and you’re struggling to keep all of them up to date each month, your audience will know.

Figure out which social media platform your audience is using the most and master one before moving on to another platform. Trust me, your sanity will thank you later.

Keep these three bona fide business hacks in mind while executing your Facebook business page and success will be in the horizon. Stick with it and be consistent. You can do it.

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