Big Little Marketing is about helping small businesses succeed with big marketing tools. 

Shannon Randol is an experienced marketing professional who specializes in strategic communications for small businesses. She has over 5 years of experience helping companies increase traffic to their websites, create content, manage social media platforms and craft specific communication plans to further company goals.

Throughout her career, Shannon has worked for numerous nonprofit organizations and enjoys being a part of the teams striving to make the world a better place. She’s also known to get super excited about doing R.A.K.s and encouraging others to join in on the fun.

Shannon is also an author who writes nonfiction shorts, you can read her latest published story here or follow her personal blog.

When she’s not busy trying her creative juice in other outlets, her nose is usually stuck in a book reading or outside running to the park with her dogs.

To hire Shannon to consult your business, please fill out the contact form located on the homepage menu tab.

Okay, I couldn’t just have all that stuffy business stuff up there without adding a little bit of me to the mix. After all, this site is about marketing. 

My resume looks real nice up there, but I promise you it wasn’t easy and I’m not nearly as accomplished as it might sound, for crying out loud I still run to my bed at night so the monsters don’t get me. 

I’m originally from Buffalo and yes, a huge football fan. Don’t worry guys, it’s our year next year! 

I’ve moved more times than celebrated birthdays and don’t own a brush. I like to throw that in there so you can really get to know me quickly. I absolutely hate getting dressed in the morning and not because I want to be in PJs all day,  but because I don’t want to wear a waistband for 12 hours. 

I’ve been actively trying to get more women to jump on the casual side of business casual for the past three years unsuccessfully, but there’s hope. I think. 

If you have questions or just want to email me, do it! I’d love to hear from anyone out there.

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